Show Information
Hosts Luke Burbank, Andrew Walsh
Notable Guests Jen Andrews
Events 1000th Show, Live from the Neptune Theater
Song of the Summer Muzyka Konca Lata: Dokad
Hey, it's 2012! In January, TBTL had a triumphant return to the airwaves when the 1000th show aired on KIRO radio. Andrew got his own show. Please summarize the year here! And please start filling in the table below with episode number, date, title (link to the audio over at, and the summary of the episode.


January 2012
# Date Title
986 January 2, 2012 TBTL Best With Kumail
This conversation with comedian Kumail Nanjiani is one of our Favorite Hours.
987 January 3, 2012 2012 Will Be Awesome... Promise
1000 January 23, 2012 Live from the Neptune
This is our 1000th show LIVE from the Neptune Theater. The show included AwesomeNotAwesome, the TBTL Players, Tom Tangney and a show-stopping performance from the Dusty 45s.


February 2012
# Date Title


March 2012
# Date Title


June 2012
# Date Title


July 2012
# Date Title


August 2012
# Date Title


September 2012
# Date Title


October 2012
# Date Title


November 2012
# Date Title


December 2012
# Date Title

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